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2019 WSSC Roundtable Topics

TOPIC 1 Realizing Financial Wellness

There are essential planning tasks to ensure you achieve financial wellness. Our experts understand the anxiety you might feel over where to start, where to seek advice and sorting through the options and costs associated with implementing a plan. Let them show you how to alleviate the stress and guide you through the steps to tackle these decisions and implement your plan.

A sound financial plan evolves as your needs and situation changes. Keeping your plan current requires constant adjustments over time. Our Specialists address a myriad of issues from fundamental planning to more complex and sophisticated decisions we face as we age, such as Medicare and Social Security. Join the dialog with our professionals to work through these difficult and confusing financial issues and learn the tools that constitute a healthy financial plan.

TOPIC 2 Fueling Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you day dream about the “perfect” job. Do you have a special talent, an expertise, an invention, or a much-needed service that sets you apart from the current marketplace? Join the conversation with successful entrepreneurs who turned their dreams into reality and created viable, profitable businesses. Hear how they transformed their passion into a revenue-generating venture.

Learn the secrets to building a client following, creating an effective business plan, seeking capital or investors to fund your idea and utilizing social media to optimize your market presence. Achieving success is tricky. A key lesson they share is to embrace your failures and missteps as they open up new and better ways to achieve your end goal. Don’t miss this opportunity as our business owners, and the experts they rely on, reveal techniques and steps to create, launch, grow and protect your business.

TOPIC 3 Achieving Harmony and Self Actualization – Master Your Best Life

Are you challenged on how to balance work, career and family without losing yourself in the process? Are you where you want to be and doing what you want to do? Identifying and taking care of your needs first is paramount to the safety briefing when you fly. “If you are traveling with children, make sure that your own mask is on first before helping your children.” Learn how to achieve “harmony” in your life and find your path to creating a “second life” or starting a new career or business.

Hear about STEAM careers and exposing the next generation to these opportunities. Professionals address issues the “sandwich generation” faces in caring for children and parents concurrently. Discover how to come back from an unexpected loss of a loved one or a divorce or a layoff. Discuss self-care tips and mindfulness activities with life coaches. Join this indispensable conversation to “Master Your Best Life”.

TOPIC 4 Mastering Successful Personal and Professional Communications

The key to delivering and landing your message involves the nuances of listening, awareness of your audience, empathy, compassion and encouragement. Effective communication is a vital component of healthy personal and professional relationships. How you interact and connect with clients, customers, co-workers, your family and friends feeds the probability of success. If interested in learning more, listen to our specialists share ways to score a winning result every time.

Explore social media trends in digital marketing and learn how to optimize your social capital. Specialists reveal strategies to help grow your outreach and target your message. Learn techniques for productive networking, designing and building websites, maximizing social media and more. This is a not-to-miss discussion for anyone looking to master their communication exchanges.

TOPIC 5 Giving Back – Making a Difference

Are you leading a “purposeful” life? While some people define success by physical trappings, others search for deeper meaning. Opening your attention beyond work or family, there are many ways to “give back” to your community and society. Volunteering your time and energy to a favorite charity provides an outlet to realize your inner purpose. It starts with identifying a cause or group which enlightens your spirit and matches your values system. Discuss how to select the best match for you and your talents amongst the wealth of non-profit groups.

Perhaps your passion is oriented toward serving your community in public office or on a charity’s corporate board. Examine the intricacies of pursuing these paths. Consider factors such as the time commitment you are willing to make, full or part-time and how to seek these positions.

Social responsibility doesn’t just involve individuals. Many business owners are drawn to raising consciousness by “giving back” to their community or a cause. Both individuals and business owners will benefit from joining this conversation.

TOPIC 6 Know Your Rights – Equality in the Workplace

This is the year of the woman. Do you know your compensation value? This grants you an edge up when seeking a promotion, a raise or a new opportunity. HR professionals share how to calculate your personal worth and techniques for capturing what you seek.

The workplace can be a treacherous environment to maneuver through these days as men and women search for safe territory in a highly sensitized arena. Be sure you know what resources are available to you should you encounter harassment, discrimination or inequity in any form. Learn how to grasp resolution and safety.

Competition is a productive force to achieve our best but don’t forget to support others while striving for your rewards. We all benefit when we work together and respect each other. Consider mentoring, a great avenue for uplifting our work and neighborhood communities. Learn, discuss and share how you are taking advantage of the momentous time we are in.




Improving the quality of life, financial independence, and confidence of all women in Southern California.