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  • United States National Committee for United Nations
  • Precious Life Shelter
  • Women Helping Women

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Participating Agencies: U.S. Small Business Association

Keynote Speaker: TBA

WSSC  Program Breakout Topics – March 8, 2018

Topic 1.  Planning  – Creating & Managing Your Financial Plan

This workshop will guide you through action steps to achieve a healthy financial life for you and your family.  Topics will cover basics of a sound financial plan for women starting out or starting again after a loss of a spouse or divorce to more advanced planning techniques and financial tools to enhance your existing plan.  

Topic 2.  Family  – Balancing My Needs and My Families’

This session will focus on finding “balance” between work and career and family.  “Having it all” is NOT impossible, but it does require having an action plan with your priorities clearly defined to achieve a rewarding life.  Included will be tips on raising children to fulfill their dreams and steering them to explore STEM programs and other educational avenues that fit your child; starting the conversation with them about money matters.  Important issues facing “sandwich generationers” and those facing a divorce will be addressed with  tips to survive and thrive through the challenges.

Topic 3. Developing Your Small Business – Turning Entrepreneurial Talents into a Successful Venture

Running a successful business takes passion, attitude, persistence and a lot of luck.  Do you have what it takes?  Do you have an idea for a product or service that consumers will be willing to pay for to have?  Do you have the financial backing to launch your business?   How do you best promote your business and reach your target market?

In this session, successful business owners will share their stories of how they started and became successful and identify missteps to avoid when you venture out.

Topic 4:  Reinventing Ourselves – New Realities of Work & Retirement

This session will focus on discovering how to re-invent yourself when you decide it’s time to pursue a new professional endeavor or give back to your community through volunteer and philanthropic vocations.

Come hear personal stories from women who “reinvented” themselves and feel new purpose in life. Find out how “reinventing” leads to more enjoyment, sanity and a healthier you and contributes to society.   

This session will also address the financial decisions facing those reaching traditional retirement age.

Topic 5:  Working Together – Narrowing the Generation Gap

Ever notice that the generations often speak a different language.  Their expectations from “work”, “fun” and “making a difference” differ as well.     

Millennials and Baby Boomers share the work space and interact with each other in purchasing product and services, but each communicates in a different fashion, such as preferred choice of media, and gather and assimilate information differently to make a purchase decision.

This session will highlight the positives and strengths of each generation.  Experts will guide us through how to initiate the conversation; share knowledge and experiences; and listen to the other generation for the overall benefits to all.    

Millennials and Baby Boomers both win when they collaborate their talents, passions and unique characteristics.  Help “Bridge the Gap” by sharing your perspective.